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SIM800 GSM + BLUETOOTH Module V3.0


• Module is designed based on SIM800 GSM Chip

Module built on FR4 with Gold Plated PCB for better RF applications

• Input Power supply 6-15V [2A] DC

• Module powered by MIC Regulators for better performance • Module supports on board Bluetooth V3.0

• Onboard Bluetooth antenna and optional extendable

• Output regulated +5V out [100mA] to connect with external devices [Controllers, Sensors etc..]

• Audio and MIC out with 3.5mm jack for Voice call and Bluetooth applications

• SIM Card lines are ESD protected to avoid user handling static electricity damages

• Output LED POWER, NETWORK, RING, STATUS indications for better usability

• Input power Reverse voltage, Overvoltage, UnderVoltage, Short Circuit protection

• Optional selectable UART power level modes to support 5V and 3.3V microcontrollers

• Module ON/OFF control through jumpers or can be controlled from external controller

• Internal RTC power backup through capacitors

• UART RX line protected from external high voltage inputs. Onboard level converters are added to protect the RX line. So supports any input logic on RX

• IC's GPIO and control pins are provided out for better application control

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SIM800 GSM + BLUETOOTH Module V3.0

Module's power switch can be controlled via an external source. The Jumper next to the power pin is used for this purpose.

Pin-1 is internally pulled up high, ans when ulled to low the module will switch off cutting down all power sources to the IC. For continuous operation or if this feature is not required the pins can be left open and the by default the module is powered up.

Pin-2 is GND pin to act as a jumper type. So when a jumper is placed, pin-1 will be pulled low powering off the module. This pin can be connected to Controller's GND if power control switch is controlled via an external module.

Note: Pin-1 is internally pulled to +5V. So when using external controller with 3.3 logic its recommended to add a logic converter at this pin to avoid external module damages.

Pulling pin-1 to low powers down the IC's power and switches down the main regulator. However the external +5V option will not go down and will still be active. This helps to run the  external controllers and sensors connected to this module.


User can select TTL or CMOS logic from the module based on the logic level of the external controller.

The Jumper near the antenna [J2] is used to control the output UART level. If teh jumper is not placed or removed, then the  output level of UART will max +5V (TTL Logic).

If Jumper is placed then the output logic will be +3.3V (CMOS Logic)


Connect the external GSM antenna to the module before powerup. The connector will be provided along with the module. User can prefer other GSM antennas as well based on their appliation requirements.

No external bluetooth antenna is required as the board has an on board bluetooth antenna. External Blutooth antenna connector will not be soldered on board. Please contact us if this is required during delivery.

Insert Sim card before powerup. If sim card is removed or inserted during normal operation, the module needs to be restarted to get the SIM card to be detected. This can be done with jumper J1 or by an restart AT command. Refer AT commands manual for the command details.

Module comes with by default Bluetooth Firmware updated. So user does not need to worry on the Bluetooth updates. Bluetooth can be directly powered on using command AT+BTPOWER=1

Below are the initial commands that are by default added to the module

Command Description
AT+IPR=9600 Baud Rate set to 9600
AT+CMGF=1 SMS configured to text mode
AT+MORING=1 Shows Call status
AT&W Saves the settings


User can reset back to Factory settings by using AT&F command. To save settings please use AT&W.

Initial Baud rate is set to 9600. User is requested to change it based on their application.

It is recommended to add this command ATE0 when the module is connected to a controller. This switches OFF the echo mode. If not the commands will be echoed back and teh user needs to handle thin in their software.

Module has an internal regulated +5V power supply which can be used for connecting to external modules. The outptut current max is 100mA, so its recommended to maintain the current limit drawn from here within the limits. Exceeding will damage the module. +5V comes out with a series diode for reverse voltage protection. So practically the output measured voltage will be 4.3V.

Note: Do not short circuit this output power line. This may lead to damaging the module.


Refer to section 2.2 for the UART level settings. The module should be connected as follows

Module GND -> To Controllers GND

Module TX     ->  To Controllers RX

Module RX     ->  To Controllers TX

The RX line is protected from external voltage. An internal level converter convertes the RX voltage level to modules permissable level. So external level of any can be directly fed to the modules RX.

Default baudrate is 9600 as per the initial settings. Please change it based on user application using command AT+IPR=<BaudRate>


POWER LED: Power LED is directly connected to the IC's power lines. When the IC is powered up the LED is switched ON. When the Module is switched OFF with the J1 jumper settings then the is LED will also be switched off.

Status LED: This LED is directly connected to the Status pin on the SIM IC. User are recommended to send commands when this LED is HIGH. Low/Off on the LED indicated the modem is busy. Refer to datasheet for more details on status pin

RING LED: RING Led glows when there is an externall Call to the modem. Refer to datasheet for more details on RING pin

Network LED: Connected to the Network Pin of the IC. Refer to datasheet for more details on NET pin

The optional connecting external pins from the IC can be accessed from the module. User must make sure on the level convertions while accessing these Pins. Logic level that is alloved is 2.8V max. Exceeding this might damage the module.

However Pin RST alone is protected from external high voltages. This is internally pulled high. User can pull this Low to exmergency shutdown the module.

Note:The module comes with these pins unsoldered to avoid accidental electric damages. User needs to solder these pins based on their requirements.



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